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Steve Machin
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“Hi!  I recruit for JavaScript Developers across the digital hub that is Berlin.  Working in such a thriving market, most of my time is spent staying ahead of the constant technological curves – and what better way than listening to the very people who are pushing technology forwards in the Open Source community?  To that end, I’m regularly in the city and always up for grabbing a coffee.


You should consider reaching out to me if you’d like to work as one of the following:


•       Frontend Developer

•       Full-Stack Developer

•       Web Developer

•       Backend Developer

•       JavaScript Engineer

•       Frontend Team Lead

•       Frontend Architect


More of a ‘Frontend Ninja’ or ‘JavaScript Guru’? If you’re interested in a role I haven’t directly mentioned – get in touch, and I’m sure I’ll be able to help.


Free time to spend one evening a month chatting about all-things-React/React Native over a slice of pizza and a beer?  Join me at the React & React Native Meetup: