Making sure your company values align with your workforce

Pubished 25th January 2021

Our values have changed in 2020, which means your workforce want different things from life and the business they attach so much of their lives too. Dani Saadu joins us to talk us through what he recommends we do as individuals and what Collinson has done to align with the people in their business.

Dani is a British Nigerian, who is a senior, global talent, people development professional with a proven track record in developing global people development strategies, designing and implementing global development programs and interventions. A certified Scrum Master and Lean Six Sigma specialist with a strong focus on ensuring that people development concepts and theories are translated into practical and sustainable programs that deliver a measurable return on investment. He has 13 years’ people sector experience in pharma, retail, and travel. Dani will be talking about the new demands of the working world, how businesses must now accept that remote working will be a necessity moving forwards, how they must adapt and what skills workers & managers need to succeed in this new age.

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