Our Values

Our Values are the guiding principles, here to help inform our decisions, drive our actions and influence our behaviors, both as a business and as individuals.

Our Mission

We strive to develop a strong and resilient future for our people and the people we serve. 

The foundations of our strength will be built upon the values we believe in, delivering a robust, diversified business that realizes the ambitions of the clients and candidates we serve.

We are in a unique and privileged position to help fuel technological innovation globally. We are positioned between great organisations and great talent and it is InterQuest Group’s purpose to bring the two together; to play our part in developing the future of tomorrow.


Our Vision

InterQuest Group enables people and organizations to build positive futures and fulfill one of the burning needs in us all, to grow and to build… work matters, both as a purpose and as an output.

We advise and enable organizations to grow through talent-driven technology innovation and provide challenging, meaningful careers for our candidates. Through our work, we help great people build their own futures and that of the organisations they work for.


Strength is the sum output of all of our values

We move forward with purpose. We think creatively and act quickly to keep up with the pace of change and innovation

Innovation is part of our everyday life. We innovate to make a difference and maximise our chances of success

Respect is consistent and genuine. We value everyone’s individual contribution and understand respect forms the basis of successful relationships

We are all responsible for our own actions. We keep our promises and commitments to ourselves and to each other

We are one team. Everyone understands that we need each other to collectively achieve our shared ambitions

Join our team

If your interested in finding out more about our Mission, Vision and Values or learning about the culture at InterQuest, visit our careers page below:

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