About InterQuest

We enable ambition

Job vacancies are soaring and rapid advancements in technology are creating an insatiable demand for technology skills. We help organisations to close the growing skills gap by widening the talent pool and unlocking the potential that sits within diverse population groups. Our integrated consultancy, solutions and staffing services have been carefully designed to enable every type of business to build workforce strength, and enable organisational ambition, through diversity.

We connect talent with tech

The surge in digital transformation has accelerated in recent years, as organisations have continued to pursue competitive advantage through technology. We discover diverse talent across those in-demand Tech skill areas that are transforming the IT industry and shaping its future.

We build strength through diversity

Diversity is at the heart of everything we do. By discovering, creating, and developing skills in diverse groups, we can support organisations that want to bridge both skill and diversity gaps at the same time, to build a more inclusive working world.