The gift of the jab

Pubished 12th January 2021

It’s easy to be successful in business and make a fortune, you just have to predict the future and be right!

There are only a few times in a generation that situations like this present themselves, but this is one of them.

“Act now, there’s no time to lose.”

Your investment rewards will be as large as you’re prepared to bet, and you don’t need an over-paid, public-school educated fund manager to tell you which stocks to buy or where to put your money.

As sure as night follows day, this period of COVID-19 misery and the “miracle cure” vaccines that have been discovered, will be followed by a certain period of decadence and growth.

The entire world will wake up and realize what they’ve been taking for granted and for a period of a few years will decide to make up for the lost time.

“History repeats itself after periods of life-ending misery.”

We had the roaring 20’s after the First World War and a fifteen-year post-war boom after the Second World War which led to Harold Mc Millan, the Prime Minister of the day, giving his “You’ve never had it so good” speech in 1957.

Thousands of new businesses will be started as people decide that they’d prefer to be responsible for their own destiny. Families will come together, eat together, celebrate and travel. New relationships will be formed as people start dating again. There will be an explosion of new families as people fall under the spell that the world is a safe place to bring children into.

People will return to Cities, having realized the benefits and opportunities to hustle and make something of their lives, realizing how much they’ve missed theatre, galleries, live music, and the arts in general.

Individuals, children, families, business owners, employees, sportspeople, artists, all humans need to mingle to thrive, survive and grow.

Reservations at even mediocre restaurants will be hard to come by as youth culture demands instant gratification after a long period of abstinence. Holiday destinations will be packed out and airlines will start losing luggage and being unreasonable once more.

Credit cards will get maxed out and borrowings get out of hand as low-interest rates and a stable economy fuel a hedonistic “spend and be damned” lifestyle for many.

Residential property prices in cities will rise, office and retail rentals will continue to decline as online purchasing and flexible home working become an even greater part of our DNA.

The lockdown won’t last much longer – just hold on a little longer and life will become interesting again. The glory days following won’t last forever either, nothing does, but if you can avoid the obstacles of investing in the businesses that are about to go bust then you will be successful.

There’s never been a better time.

Gary Ashworth

12th January 2021