Coffee Break Chats: An Insight into Resilience

Pubished 19th May 2023

Get ready for another sizzling episode of "Coffee Break Chats"! ☕️

Join host Julie Pratten, along with five phenomenal guests, Lauren Bass, Katie Stock, Nicola Cox, Omisha Jethwa, and Christine Carey, as they delve into the fascinating topic of resilience.

These remarkable individuals share their personal stories and powerful strategies for conquering obstacles, from juggling multiple roles to achieving work-life balance. Gain valuable insights and be inspired!

Discover the secrets of bouncing back from unexpected setbacks as they share their experiences and wisdom ✨. Get tips on self-care, building a strong support network, and staying positive in the face of challenges.

Grab your mug, pour yourself a hot cup of motivation, and tune in to this engaging conversation that will inspire you to conquer any obstacle that comes your way! 💫

Let's embrace resilience together!