Breaking Barriers in Financial Crime Compliance with Seun Oshinusi

Pubished 5th October 2023

"Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Take up space and own it!"

Join us in the latest "Women Who Make it Happen" episode where our host, Michelle Khan, engages in a riveting dialogue with Seun Oshinusi, Financial Crime Operations Unit Lead at Mettle.

In this insightful conversation, we navigate through significant topics:

  • The uplifting yet concerning reality of representation in senior leadership roles.
  • Overcoming the unique challenges in the financial crime sector with solid facts and data.
  • Empowering advice for younger females aspiring to carve a niche in financial services – advocating courage and readiness to learn over ticking all boxes before taking a step.

Embark on this journey of enlightenment and be inspired to forge ahead in your career with renewed gusto!

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