Women Who Make it Happen: A Power Chat with Tech Leader Joshua Ashley Klayman Kuzar

Pubished 4th July 2023

In the latest episode of 'Women Who Make it Happen: Journeys to Success' hosted by Anna Massey, Joshua Ashley Klayman Kuzar shares insights as the Global Tech Sector Co-Head, US Head of FinTech, and Head of Blockchain & Digital Assets at Linklaters.

In Joshua's words, "We're shaping the next generation of the Internet. You're not just an observer, you're an active participant." The digital asset space is continually evolving, making it an exciting period to join.

One profound quote to take away: "Your name is your currency."

Joshua's golden advice? Embrace the adventure, leverage your unique skills, and play a role in the transformation. "If something is important to you, do it. Don't wait for the 'perfect' time."

It’s an enlightening discussion on balancing personal happiness, professional success, and everything in between.

Make sure you don't miss this inspirational episode - and remember, in Joshua’s words: "If you want to make a name for yourself, you can."