Who Says Tech Can't Be Ethical and Cutting-Edge? With Mariana de la Roche Wills

Pubished 28th March 2024

Join us in this compelling episode of "Women Who Make it Happen," featuring Mariana de la Roche Wills, Director at Validvent and Board Member at INATBA & thinkBLOCKtank, hosted by Anna Massey.

Delve into Mariana's journey through law, human rights, and blockchain, unveiling her profound insights into the convergence of technology and social impact.

What's Inside:

🌟 Mariana's Blockchain Journey: Uncover Mariana's path from legal expertise to blockchain innovation, highlighting her dedication to leveraging technology for social good.

🌟 Authenticity in Tech: Learn about Mariana's commitment to authenticity and how it influences her stance in the tech industry, particularly in male-dominated fields.

🌟 Big Data and AI: Discover Mariana's take on the crucial role of trust in technology, as she explores the relationship between big data, AI, and our confidence in digital systems.

🌟 Innovation vs. Regulation: Gain insight into Mariana's perspective on finding the right balance between fostering innovation and ensuring robust regulatory frameworks.

🌟 DeFi's Impact on Agriculture: Be inspired by a case study Mariana shares about a DeFi platform's transformative impact on farmers, emphasizing sustainable and empowering business models.

🔥 Why Watch?

- Dive deep into the intersection of technology, law, and social impact with Mariana's expert insights.

- Explore the significance of authenticity, trust, and balance in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

- Understand the potential of DeFi and other technologies to create tangible social change.