Is Psychological Safety the Secret to Success? with Nanna Bergmann

Pubished 9th May 2024

Join Michelle Khan in this compelling episode of "Women Who Make it Happen," featuring the insightful Nanna Bergmann, Group Managing Director at The Bank of London.

Dive into Nanna’s extensive experience and her unique perspectives on leadership, diversity, and innovation in the financial sector.

What's Inside:

🌟 Saying "Yes" to Opportunities: Discover how Nanna’s proactive approach to embracing opportunities has propelled her career across multiple industries and global markets.

🌟 Creating Psychological Safety: Learn about the importance of fostering an environment where team members feel safe to take risks and innovate, a principle Nanna adopted from her time at Google.

🌟 Navigating Diverse Industries: Hear about Nanna’s journey through consumer goods, big tech, prop tech start-ups, and banking, and how these experiences have shaped her leadership style.

🌟 Innovative Banking Practices: Get an insider look at how The Bank of London is revolutionising banking by securing deposits 100% at the Bank of England, providing a safer way to bank.

🌟 Diversity of Thought: Understand the critical role that diverse backgrounds and experiences play in solving complex problems and driving organisational success.

🔥 Why Watch?

- Gain deep insights into the importance of saying "yes" to opportunities and managing your career proactively.

- Learn about creating psychological safety in teams and why it’s crucial for innovation and success.

- Explore how diverse thinking can lead to better problem-solving and organisational success.

- Key Topics: Leadership, psychological safety, career management, innovative banking, financial stability, diversity of thought, women in leadership.