Can Strategic Risk Empower Fintech Leaders? with Kathy Griffin

Pubished 21st March 2024

Join Michelle Khan in this enlightening episode of "Women Who Make it Happen," featuring Kathy Griffin, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Uber Payments UK. Dive into her experiences, insights, and the wisdom she has gathered on her journey through the realms of finance and technology.

What's Inside:

🌟 Kathy's Transition to Fintech: Explore Kathy's move from traditional banking to fintech, revealing the importance of aligning your career with your passions.

🌟 Risk Management and Compliance Evolution: Understand Kathy's perspective on the changing landscape of risk management and compliance, emphasizing adaptability and courage.

🌟 Mentorship and Coaching: Discover how Kathy views mentorship and coaching as pivotal elements for success in the financial services industry.

🌟 Embracing Opportunities: Hear Kathy's advice on seizing opportunities and overcoming self-doubt to advocate for oneself.

🌟 Diversity and Innovation: Learn how embracing diverse perspectives can drive creativity and innovation, as discussed by Kathy.

🔥 Why Watch?

- Gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving roles in risk management and compliance.

- Learn the importance of mentorship, diversity, and seizing opportunities in shaping your career.

- Key Topics: Financial services, fintech, risk management, compliance, mentorship, career development, diversity and innovation, women in leadership.