Can One Leader Transform Regulatory Consultancy? with Azariah Nukajam

Pubished 1st February 2024

Join Michelle Khan in an empowering conversation with Azariah Nukajam, Associate Director at fscom, on "The Women Who Make it Happen." This episode is a must-watch for anyone passionate about making strides in their career and understanding the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory consultancy.

What's Inside:

  • Dynamic World of Regulatory Consultancy: Get a glimpse into a sector where learning and adaptation are key.
  • Empowering Support: Discover how mentorship can significantly impact career progression.
  • Authentic DEI: Azariah discusses going beyond the usual DEI narrative, aiming for meaningful change.

Why Watch?

  • Gain invaluable insights into the complexities and opportunities within regulatory consultancy.
  • Learn practical strategies for fostering a genuinely inclusive work environment.
  • Be inspired by Azariah's journey and her approach to overcoming professional challenges.