InterQuest Solutions is renamed as IQ Talent Solutions

Pubished 6th November 2018

One of the biggest challenges our clients raise with us is the complexity of the recruitment solutions market: it can be so daunting entering into a new agreement with recruitment solutions providers whether it’s the first for your business or the tenth…

There is so much at stake when making a decision about your providers; reputation, brand, cost, time …. it’s incredible these decisions ever make the light of day! But, when customers do finally move forward, they are overwhelmed by the effectiveness a tailored talent acquisition solution can bring.

Over the past few months we have been busy working on our brand and marketing to address this first challenge identified by you – how do we make it really simple for you to find the right information about what specific talent services do; how individual talent services benefit your particular need and do you in fact need them?

We carried out an audit of our brand, analysing the perceptions and awareness of InterQuest Solutions; what we stand for, our service offering and the value proposition we offer. We carried out this research internally and externally including consultation with our clients as well as reviewing website traffic and behaviours to build a really clear, 360 view of our brand.

One common theme in the feedback we received was around our name – ‘Solutions.’In itself it does not indicate what we do. It’s ambiguous when not associated with a challenge.

And so began a process of reviewing various naming strategies and options. Now it’s important to point out that we were only looking at the name. The logo – ‘The InterQuest Clover’ –remains in place, and this is important because we want to retain that strong link to InterQuest Group, given it’s an integral part of our structure, our DNA and we’re particularly proud of this.

So much did we want to uphold the relationship between our solutions brand and the wider Group that we wanted to retain it within our new name. The way InterQuest’s specialist staffing practices used to utilise ‘IQ’ as a nod to the Intelligence of the service, but also how the logo itself is a clever design to look like IO, the binary language that sits underneath all the technologies for which we recruit. And so we couldn’t think of a more fitting way than this of honouring InterQuest’s heritage whilst paving the way for the future of the InterQuest Solutions brand.

After much consideration, I’m pleased to announce we have changed our name to IQ Talent Solutions.

This is the name that will carry this business forward for many years to come. To be the name that is spoken when referring to our intelligent, bespoke and agile talent solutions and the human capital management arm of the InterQuest Group.

With our new name comes a content calendar packed with thought leadership blogs, events and video’s, addressing your pain points and sharing ideas on how you may overcome them. You’ll be able to find all of these here on LinkedIn or on our new website.

If you have any feedback, questions about our services or challenges you think we may be able to help please don’t hesitate to get in-touch.