Examples of Well-Communicated Employee Value Propositions (EVP)

Pubished 28th March 2018

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) should be unique to a company and focus on what makes that individual organisation a great employer. Companies shouldn’t attempt to duplicate what other businesses are providing, in an attempt to build a strong EVP for potential candidates. It is fundamental for an EVP to be authentic, otherwise something looking to provide value could in fact negatively affect an organisations retention.

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However, if an EVP is created correctly, the value it can add to any organisation and the increase in retention it can provide will be substantial.

Discovering a unique EVP can be a complex process, yet there are some key areas which can be included in constructing a well communicated EVP.


Examples: camaraderie, teamwork, standard of co-workers, quality of leadership, ways of working, social scene


Examples: clients, diversity, environmental policy, corporate social responsibility/charity, vison, values, mission, market position, size, the journey ahead, offices, technology


Examples: development/training, career path, company growth rate, stability of company


Examples: compensation, health, retirement, share ownership, incentives, holidays, socials


Examples: flexible working, innovation, impact a role has, work life balance, clarity of role, quality of project, technology

Below are a range of companies that I feel have a clear understanding of why people should work for them, which is communicated effectively, in essence creating a strong EVP.

Tech Companies

Zoopla Group

EVP strengths: values, vision, learning/development, charity/CSR, Glassdoor, party/fun, video, culture, offices.


EVP strengths: culture, learning/development, vision, values, hiring process, success, sustainability/CSR, awards.



EVP strengths: vision, values, video, fun/innovative.

We are Friday

EVP strengths: vision, values, benefits, staff quotes, good use of social channels to communicate EVP.

Not for Profit Sector


EVP Strengths: #workwithfeeling campaign, video shows the personalities of employees, MENCAP playlists entice users to return to the site.


EVP Strengths: full HR portal on site, employee testimonials, benefits, separate introduction document that is sent to candidates, culture, diversity.

Skill specific EVP

Often, different types of candidates have different motivations and key factors to consider before joining a business.

Google is a good example of a company breaking down its proposition into different areas through various pages, to appeal to different personalities e.g. tech, sales.

Examples of this could include the desire for tech candidates to work with the most up to date technology, whereas another page dedicated to sales people could describe a high energy environment with impressive incentives. Creative candidates could be taken to a webpage full of colour and creativity, presenting innovative offices showcasing expertise design work.


Careers pages are only one way of communicating an EVP. Other core channels which can be utilised include events, interview packs, current customers, media coverage and social media activity. In order to communicate a company EVP effectively, all of these channels should be used. Someone who is on social media may not attend an event for example. Using all channels therefore increases reach.

Social media accounts

Social media is one of the most powerful tools accessible to share an organisations culture of what it is like to work there.

Example: Facebook page


Strengths: great mix of content covering video, games, jobs, working life, knowledge sharing, press releases.

Example: Instagram page


Strengths: big focus on fun, working environment and beliefs.

Example: LinkedIn page


Strengths: large following and engagement, diversity, new openings, employee video testimonials, progression examples, events held to attract talent

Recruiters social accounts

Euan McNair – Standard Life

Strengths: strong company values in mind, shares company partnerships with regional initiatives and sponsorships, introduces senior management, provides details on diversity and inclusion initiatives

Richard Chipchase – Sage

Strengths: showcases offices, welcomes new starters, humorous approach, provides details on diversity and mental health initiatives

Media coverage


Monzo has some great benefits but a rather uninspiring careers page. However, Monzo are one of the best communicated tech companies at present and as a result, Monzo have a continuous conveyor belt of top talent approaching them directly. This is potentially due to the media coverage of Monzo, their presence at events and reputation as a genuine disruptor in the market with a cutting edge tech platform.


Microsites are becoming an increasingly popular option for creating careers pages. Reasons for this include the functionality to gather more detailed and accurate analysis of candidate traffic, search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits, easier integration into recruitment technology and the ability to make distinctions between an employer brand and customer brand.

We hope the following piece has provided you with a number of key tips to create the perfect EVP. However, if you would still like to learn more about EVP’s and how to get the best from yours specifically, then why not join us for a spot of lunch at our offices in Cannon Street on Thursday 22nd March 12:00 – 13:30.

We hope to see you there!

Originally posted by our Director of Customer Success Roland Rosevear on Linkedin.